The Vultures gather again

Stellungnahme der Schwedisch-Kubanischen Vereinigung zu den aktuellen Vorgängen in Kuba:

When the Soviet Union fell thirty years ago resulting in Cuba losing 85 percent of its trade, and food and fuel and other necessities were lost, the USA’s right-wing imperialist politicians gloated and said it will not be long before Cuba also falls. Right-wing voices in Europe said the same. To hasten what they thought would happen, the USA then stepped up its blockade against Cuba. The Torricelli law was passed. That law forbade US companies in other countries to trade with Cuba, i.e. the USA demanded that its own law should be valid in other countries! Ships that had visited Cuba were not allowed to enter port in the USA until six months had passed. Next step was the Helms-Burton law 1996. Both these laws break with international law. Right-wing forces in Europe joined the US propaganda campaign against Cuba. The increasing economic war against Cuba was ruthless. However, the Cuban people under the leadership of Fidel Castro took the challenge and mobilised successfully to defend their country and its sovereignty.

Now we are there again. The US imperialists, the reactionary extreme right in Miami, their accomplices in the European Parliament and elsewhere are like vultures waiting for their prey. They think Cuba is weak now because of the covid-19 pandemic and the loss of income from the tourist industry. The US president Biden tightens yet more the 243 extra blockade measures Trump introduced. Biden does this in spite of world leaders saying that the blockade must be lifted, at least now during the pandemic. Biden’s talk about caring for the Cuban people is shameful hypocritical lies. Instead his CIA and conglomerate of agencies for regime change on this planet are trying to create chaos and violence in Cuba using dollar-rewards, social media and US-trained agents. The US government even says that if Cuba does not allow illegal demonstrations to take place, then the US government shall increase its sanctions yet more! We are talking about demonstrations with the aim of creating chaos initiated and organised with finance from hostile forces abroad and the government of the USA. And magnified by West’s mainstream media propaganda.

The main difficulties Cuba has are caused by the criminal US blockade, condemned 29 years in a row by the United Nations. However, the people of Cuba are united in their struggle to defend their country and its sovereignty. They see what happens when the USA manages to get the upper hand in other Latin American countries. Cuba’s tens of thousands of doctors and other aid workers in over fifty countries come home and tell of their experiences of how people in other countries of the South live. It was necessary for Cuba to develop its own vaccines to combat covid-19. Now Cuba has five vaccines and is able to share them with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Vietnam and other third world countries. In Cuba 68% of its population are now (5 Nov) fully vaccinated with three shots. In Sweden with two shots the figure is also 68% and in the USA 57%. In Cuba the people have free health care, free education including university, guaranteed pensions and full opportunities to participate in the democratic decision-making of the society. For instance, Cuba’s new constitution was preceded by 110 000 meetings that resulted in 740 000 proposals resulting in 60 percent of the draft text being adjusted. In the referendum 87 percent of the voters said yes to the constitution. In the USA lobbyists and sponsor cash evidently dominate decision-making. There is no universal healthcare. Trade union organising lacks proper legal protection. Higher education has high fees. It is this country’s government that excels in talking about other countries as failed states. The US government should put its own house in order instead of spreading despair and destruction around the world.

Lift the US blockade!

Hands off Cuba!

Solidarity with Cuba!

Swedish-Cuban Association

10th November 2021

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